Here’s how you can make your new jacket more comfortable

It’s that time of the year again-the weather is getting cold and the holiday season has started which means that you will either get a leather jacket as a gift from one of your loved ones or you will end up buying one for yourself. But as with all new things, new clothes take a while to become comfortable and adapt to your frame. If that clothing item is a jacket, then it can take a while before you feel right at home in the splendid jacket. But there are a few ways that can speed up the whole process.

If you get a jacket as a gift then you need to know what type of leather is it made up of. If you know about jackets, then that won’t be hard. It is important to know this because not all kinds of leather can withstand similar amount of abuse. And you really don’t want to ruin a jacket by overlooking a small detail.

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This one is true for all jackets no matter what kind of leather is used to make the jacket: however you choose to break it in, never overdo it because whatever you will do with it, will be permanent and you won’t be able to reverse it easily. Overenthusiasm may even cost you your jacket.

The best way to soften up a leather jacket is just by wearing it. You can do some push up or play catch with a friend while wearing the jacket. The more you will move your body while wearing it, the more the jacket will loosen up. You can even make a ball of the jacket and play catch with it a few times. Another thing that you can do is to take a stroll in light rain while wearing the jacket. But be careful, excess water can damage the jacket.

And that’s about it. You will be at ease in your new jacket within no time.


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