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Things to Know About Different Types of Leather

Leather jackets are made up of different types of leather material; all of them have unique and different features and characteristics in terms of weight, thickness, flexibility, and texture. If we talk about celebrity jackets so currently Brad Pitt red jacket, jason statham black leather jacket, Katniss Everdeen jacket are most demanded in the market.
Some of the most used leather materials in leather jackets are discussed below:

Jason Statham Leather Jacket

Jason Statham Leather Jacket


This is one of the most used leather in the manufacturing of leather jackets. It is tough, rigid, durable and resistant to dirt and water; this is why, most of the leather jackets are made up of this leather material. Another reason is that it is easily available and costs less as compared to other leathers.


This is the fact that leather is made from animal’s skin. One of the most used skins for manufacturing leather is of a deer. It is highly durable and soft unlike other leathers. A deerskin leather jacket is good for those people who like to have a tough and rigid look just like cowhide but with a soft touch.


Another animal skin that is widely used in the manufacturing of leather jackets is goatskin. It is more like deerskin and provides a more flexible, lighter and softer texture to the leather jackets as compared to cowhide which has a tough and rugged texture.


This is considered to be the best animal skin used in the leather jackets because of its softness and luxurious texture. This is more flexible and softer as compared to deerskin and goatskin. It provides an elegant and versatile look to the jacket.


It can be called an alternative of cowhide because it is durable, tough and rugged just like cowhide. The only difference is its grain patterns that are not found in cowhide. It provides a natural and beautiful texture to leather jackets. Most of the biker or motorcycle jackets are made up of this Bison leather.